Hunter’s Dirt Soap

IMG_3887 Hunter’s Dirt Soap samples are now out and roaming!  They can be tracked down at Archery Only in Newark, CA and Kerley’s in Cupertino, CA.

Scent masking is important for all hunters, and Dirt Soap might be one way to start the process.  It seems to work best if you do a full body wash, including your hair, and let yourself drip dry.  You might get some funny looks if you do this right before standing in a Togo’s line for lunch.  Ask me how I know.

The soap contains pure olive, coconut, and castor oils, with green chrome oxide, activated charcoal, and walnut hull powder for the “camo” look, as well as a dirt fragrance. Like any other soap, don’t get it in your eyes, and stop using it if it causes irritation.  Finally:  WARNING:  like it says on the label, the walnut hull powder is a NUT PRODUCT.

For a little more backstory on the soap, check here:  Tough Guy Hunting, Fishing, Rock ‘n Roll and Soap Club.

We’re looking for feedback on the formulation.  You can leave a comment here, contact us with the “Contact” button above, or get us directly at the phone number/address on the sample tag.  We’d love to hear from you!

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